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Trusted Criminals (criminologie)
David O. Friedrichs

ISBN 9781439036280
Uitgever Wadsworth
Taal Engels
Categorie studieboeken,studieboek, criminologie
Meer info 4th edition / paperback in prima staat, als nieuw (nergens in geschreven o.i.d.). Het boek kan door de brievenbus
Extra informatie TRUSTED CRIMINALS: WHITE COLLAR CRIME IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY is a comprehensive guide that covers topics ranging from the problems involved in studying white collar crimes to the principal focus of the crimes to the character of the legal and criminal justice response to the crime. Features As the most comprehensive text available on the topic, TRUSTED CRIMINALS covers research and theory of white collar crime at the systemic, organizational, and individual levels. The author focuses on acts by corporations, retailers, professionals, and employees, as well as a range of other entities and social actors, from states to international financial institutions to swindlers. In addition to its impeccable scholarship, the book is designed to be as reader-friendly as possible, with each chapter including chapter summaries, key terms, and discussion questions, as well as interesting examples of white collar crime to further engage students.

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